Other Testimonials

Chef Piper is an exceptional cook! She takes such pride in her preparation of every meal, this is very apparent in every bite. She is big on using only the freshest of ingredients and creating menus around them. She is very creative with her menus and is consistent in producing an amazing meal each time. Chef Piper always aims to satisfy. I would definitely recommend Chef Piper! –TS

Chef Piper is truly talented and amazing. Most of all, she listened to my special needs while I was undergoing medical treatments, and designed amazing menus each week. Her method of cooking made everything tastes great. Though we requested nutritious soups and vegetables purees most of the time, with some fish and chicken for protein, she was able to transform simple everyday ingredients into high quality meals. Her way of presentation also made us very happy – dishes contain vibrant colors and textures and we all looked forward to tasting her cooking each day. Chef Piper also took time to research recipes, ensure to follow our restricting requests of low-fat, low-sodium and organic ingredients, yet turn out a diverse set of options for the three of us for the week. Her healthy meals was beloved by my 2 -year-old-toddler as well as my parents, and as my husband put it, ‘Chef Piper’s cooking is better than eating out at a restaurant not only because it’s tastier, but much healthier” I also valued Chef Piper’s philosophy of picking the freshest, seasonal ingredients, and her willingness to try and test new ideas. I enjoyed working with her each week to plan out a balanced, nutritious and delicious meals for my family, but also found it fun to learn about new pairings of ingredients and how to utilize what’s fresh. I highly recommend Chef Piper to anyone, and only wish she is a part of the family permanently! –KS

Chef Piper is an amazing cook. She consistently makes delicious meals – including amazing sauces – each one more delicious than the last. I have three boys all with diferent palates – one a gourmet, one an average boy eater and the other a very tough customer. Piper manages to make all three happy along with my husband and myself. I am a working mom and by the time i would get home from work and cook dinner and clean up, I was more than exhausted. ( I will also only order in once a week, because no matter how hard you try – you can’t find a healthy meal.) Piper cooks dinners for 3 or 4 nights, including salads and sides, and lots of fresh vegetables and all the pots and pans would be washed and put away and my kitchen spotless. She also cuts up snacking vegetables that my kids eat throughout the week and even lunch for me to take to work (like sauteed kale and portabella mushrooms). All I have to do when i get home is heat up the food (on stove, in oven or microwave depending on the instructions she leaves) , wisk up the sauce and dress the salad. Piper has changed my life. Dinners are much more leisurely and delicious – and I have so much more time WITH my family instead of in the kitchen. Thanks Piper!!!! –Lia S.

Piper has been making our mealtimes a joy for weeks. We selected her after staging a cook off between a number of highly recommended personal chefs. She is the best. she has been prompt, attentive to our tastes and need, unfailingly courteous, and whips up some of the mostdelicious meals we have had in recent memory. She stays within budget and works incredibly hard. We have been using her every other week and she’s been wonderful about cooking extra to carry into the next week. I really couldn’t be happier. –J Arlen

I have had the pleasure of having Chef Piper help me throw three sit down dinner parties. Just Piper and a server took care of everything for each evening. This is not normally my life style put I find the experience completely worth every cent. As for Piper, I think she is fantastic! She is creative and professional. She is a caring chef who puts the needs of my guests and myself first. She is easy to work with and does a great job. The food speaks for itself and everyone has always loved the food. Piper helps me create menus that I love and fits with my style and taste. She is very flexible and willing to change anything even at the last minute. When she leaves the kitchen it is in better shape then when she arrived. For my birthday dinner I had 7 guests. I didn’t have to worry about anything, she knows where everything is and didn’t need anything from me. It was as if my guests and I went to a fine restaurant in my own home: we showed up, had an amazing fresh meal cooked to perfection, we relaxed through out the night, we laughed and loved life while the kitchen cleaned up and closed down. I paid the bill and went upstairs to bed. It was great because of Chef Piper –BG

My family and I have been using Chef Piper’s services for a few months and she has been wonderful. The dinners are delicious and healthier than what we would be eating in restaurants or take out. My children (ages 13 and 11) absolutely love her cooking and she can do anything from turkey meatballs and whole wheat pasta (home made sauce of course!) to seared tuna with balsamic glaze… Her signature salads are creative and yummy. She has been a pleasure to have in our household. She really wants everyone to be happy – creates special sides for our picky child, etc. I think if you tell Chef Piper exactly what you want (including budget for groceries, etc.), you will be quite pleased at the results. –B. O’toole

My family and I chose to hire Chef Piper for weekly Sunday “family” dinners, starting in January 2012. We have thoroughly enjoyed her meals! She has a diverse repertoire of main dishes, including comfort foods like mac and cheese (to die for!), chicken tenders, and lasagna (wonderful), as well as more elegant dishes such as filet mignon and salmon; everyone, from kids to adults, are well satisfied. We have savored every bite!Additionally, Chef Piper is always professional. She sends out sample menus one week prior to the cook date, arrives on time to do the prep work and cook, and lastly, leaves the kitchen spotless. I heartily recommend her for any cooking project, whether it be a family dinner for three, romantic dinner for two, or a dinner party for 30+. –JF

Chef Piper is amazing. I had a special diet for awhile (no salt and no oil) and yet she managed to make everything taste delicious. Later, I let her cook with much more freedom and I was still amazed. She used all fresh ingredients, buys them, organizes your kitchen and fridge, cooks, and cleans. She is responsible and very much into what she does. I highly recommend her private chef services. –Kerry B